Greenhaus Cabinets
®. St. Louis, MO. We actually care about this stuff. There are no financial benefitsWE to buying the products we sell; no tax credits from the government. Along with quality and style, we offer pride instead. Pride in knowing that you've purchased a product made from quality materials that help sustain the earth we live on. Pride in knowing that it's the right thing to do.

Headquartered in St. Louis in a historic, GBI® Green Verified building, we are the first and only exclusively green building supplier in St. Louis and surrounding area. Manufactured in St. Louis, we design and build the highest quality custom cabinets from responsibly produced, non-toxic materials, assuring a healthy home and respecting and protecting our environment.

Greenhaus Cabinets® are only built with formaldehyde-free hardwood plywood. All glues, stains, paints, and finishes are non-toxic, and have earned the industry’s highest environmental and indoor air quality certifications, including Scientific Certification Systems’ (SCS®), GreenGuard®, and FDA approval for indirect food contact. We only use FSC® certified or locally reclaimed lumber (see below).